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Upland Medical Malpractice Lawyer Herbert Hafif

Upland medical malpractice attorneys at our law firm are experienced in providing legal counsel to residents of Upland, San Bernardino County, and Southern California. When an individual is injured due to a medical mistake that could have been prevented, The Law Offices of Herbert Hafif may be able to help pursue justice and proper compensation.

Preventable medical mistakes account for the third-highest cause of fatalities in the United States every year. Our personal injury law firm has been providing effective legal representation to injured clients for more than 50 years. We fight for those who have been injured by substandard medical care. As skilled Upland medical malpractice lawyers, we can deal with any medical professional who has caused injury to a patient. In the event that you have suffered injury and improper healthcare from a chiropractor, physician’s assistant, radiology technician, nurse, physician, or dentist, contact our law firm by calling (909) 624-1671.Upland Medical Malpractice Attorneys

The knowledgeable Upland medical malpractice attorneys at The Law Offices of Herbert Hafif are pleased to provide no-charge consultations to injured men and women. You will receive a case evaluation and have the opportunity to get answers to your questions. Since we handle cases on a contingency basis, we charge no fees until we have reached a positive judgment or settlement on your behalf.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Close to a quarter of a million individuals are fatally injured and killed in the U.S. because of preventable medical errors. Even more patients are seriously injured. Our medical malpractice lawyers are serious about fighting this injustice and obtaining due compensation for injured clients.

Our medical malpractice law firm and medical negligence lawyers provide knowledgeable legal representation for a full array of injuries.

Medication Error Lawyers | Prescription Error Attorneys

Anesthesia can pose a great risk to patients undergoing surgery. Serious injuries or fatalities can result from errors such as overdosing, under dosing, or using faulty anesthesia equipment. The anesthesia malpractice lawyers at our law offices are able to successfully represent and prevail in behalf of clients that have been injured by medication errors.

When medication is incorrectly administered, serious injuries often occur. If you or a member of your family have been given the wrong dose of medication or have had an adverse drug interaction, please allow one of our prescription error attorneys, anesthesia error lawyers, or medication error attorneys help you gain sufficient compensation. Contact our anesthesia error attorneys and Upland prescription error lawyers today for a no-cost consultation.

Birth Injury Lawyers in Upland, California

The occurrence of birth injury medical malpractice and negligence can cause serious conditions and injuries to a mother or her baby. Nerve damage, cerebral palsy, fractures, Erb’s palsy (also called Erb-Duchenne), facial damage, brain injuries, and other harm can result. If you or a loved one have been injured in this manner, call our compassionate birth injury attorneys for effective legal counsel.

Emergency Room Mistake Attorneys | Hospital Negligence Lawyers

If you have sustained injuries in the E.R. or hospital, the emergency room mistake lawyers and hospital negligence attorneys at The Law Offices of Herbert Hafif may be able to help you gain the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our skilled Upland, California emergency room medical malpractice attorneys and to receive a thorough evaluation of your potential case.

The practice of hospital understaffing and other detrimental hospital policies can cause patient injuries. Please call our law firm of Upland medical malpractice lawyers if you have been injured in this type of circumstance. Our medical negligence attorneys and hospital negligence attorneys are ready to pursue justice on your behalf.

Surgical Error Lawyers

If a medical care professional fails to provide adequate care during a surgical operation, they can be held responsible for resulting injuries. Whether a surgeon, other member of the staff, or the hospital caused the error, the surgical error attorneys at The Law Offices of Herbert Hafif are able to provide skilled representation and counsel. We take cases of medical malpractice on contingency, including amputation of the incorrect limb, surgical instruments forgotten inside the patient, unnecessary surgery, and botched surgery. If you are a victim of surgical error, please call our experienced medical malpractice law firm and make an appointment for a no-fee consultation. One of our knowledgeable surgery malpractice lawyers will review your case carefully and provide a professional evaluation and legal guidance.

Medical Negligence Attorneys | Failure to Diagnose

If a medical professional fails to diagnose or misdiagnoses an individual, not only is the wrong treatment administered, but the patient is deprived of the treatment actually needed. Our Upland medical malpractice lawyers are aggressive in fighting for fair compensation in behalf of clients who have been harmed due to misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose.

Lab Errors

Specimens in the lab can be lost, misread, incorrectly labeled, or switched if the technician does not follow the accepted laboratory standards and procedures. In turn, this can cause serious injuries to patients. In the event that you are harmed by a lab mistake, our Upland personal injury lawyers and medical malpractice lawyers are ready to review the details of your case with you and provide a no-charge consultation.

Call our Skilled Upland Medical Malpractice Attorneys

If you have suffered injury in a medical or healthcare setting, please contact our Upland medical malpractice lawyers. The emergency room medical malpractice attorneys, surgery malpractice attorneys, anesthesia malpractice attorneys, and medical malpractice lawyers at our firm are ready to answer your questions and evaluate your case.

Alternatively, you may complete an online evaluation for one of our Upland personal injury attorneys or medical negligence lawyers to review. After we go over your information, we will contact you.

For caring and dedicated Upland medical malpractice attorneys who have a good reputation for effectively representing injured clients, contact our law offices. For over 50 years, our law firm has been skillfully representing and aggressively advocating for the rights of the injured. Let us put our experience to work on your case.


When visiting our law firm from the Upland area, start at City Hall. Go south on North Euclid Avenue. Take the 10 West. Use the Indian Hill Boulevard exit. Then take a right onto South Indian Hill Boulevard. Go right at West Bonita Avenue. Our office is at 269 W. Bonita Avenue.

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