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Claremont Defective Product Lawyers

The Defective Product Attorneys at the Claremont Law Offices of Herbert Hafif have spent the past 57 years successfully representing individuals and their loved ones who have been injured, become seriously ill, or died due to the use of defective or unsafe products.

Product Liability cases are extremely complex, requiring the services of a highly skilled attorney and team of experts who can determine the exact cause of injury, the type of defect involved, and who can be held liable. Claremont Product Liability Attorneys at the Law Offices of Herbert Hafif aggressively pursue Personal Injury claims resulting from the use of dangerous or defective products. A nationally renowned Law Firm, we have obtained numerous multi-million dollar verdicts on behalf of our injured clients.

Whether you or someone who you love has been hurt as the result of using a dangerous, defective or unsafe product, our seasoned lawyers can help you obtain the monetary compensation that you deserve. Contact the Law Offices of Herbert Hafif at (909) 624-1671 to schedule an appointment for a free, comprehensive case evaluation. Product Liability cases are taken on contingency fee, and you will never be required to pay any attorney fees up front.

Classification of Defective Product Claims

There are a variety of defective product classifications, and product liability claims may be brought based upon a combination of problems with the product at issue. At the Claremont Defective Product & Personal Injury Law Firm of Herbert Hafif, we represent clients in a variety of defective product cases, including those brought as a result of:

Manufacturing Defects – Defects that are caused by failure to conform to the designer’s specifications, resulting in faulty construction, subpar workmanship, or the use of substandard materials. To determine whether a product is defective due to faulty manufacturing, it becomes necessary to prove that the defect was not only the result of a departure from design specifications, but also existed when the item in question left the factory.

Design Defects – Those which were present in the specifications at the time production was turned over to the manufacturer, making the product inherently dangerous in and of itself. In order to prove a design defect, plaintiff’s attorneys must demonstrate that the product’s risks outweigh the benefits, that no amount of care in the manufacturing process could make it safe, and that it does not meet the regular consumer’s expectations of safety.

Marketing Defects – Product Liability claims based on marketing defects generally result from: Failure to adequately warn about potential hazards that may not be readily apparent to the consumer; Failure to provide adequate instructions with respect to proper use of the product; and deceptively similar packaging that leads to an error in usage, resulting in personal injury.

Defective Product Case Representation in Claremont California

The Law Offices of Herbert Hafif have represented injured plaintiffs in a wide variety of defective product cases. Examples of Products Liability Injury cases include cases brought as the result of:

Defective Product Attorney in Claremont

Dangerous Baby Cribs & Strollers

Dangerous Over the Counter Drugs

Dangerous Prescription Medications

Dangerous Toys

Defective Machinery

Defective Surgical Implants

Defective Tires

Faulty Medical Devices

Flammable Clothing

Foreign Particles in Beverages or Food

Fumes from Dangerous Chemicals

Improper Packaging

Malfunctioning Power Tools

Motor Vehicle Defects

If you or a family member has been injured because of a dangerous or defective product, it is imperative that you speak to an experienced injury attorney immediately, so you do not lose your right to recover compensation and monetary damages. Contact us at (909) 624-1671. We will meet with you and throughout the course of our investigation, we will determine who to bring an action against. Potential defendants in a Products Liability case may include any or all of the following:

Product Designers

Parts Manufacturer

Product Manufacturer

Product Distributor

Retail Seller

The Law Offices of Herbert Hafif is dedicated to helping the injured obtain the compensation they need for medical bills, as well as damages for pain and suffering.

Contact a Defective Product Attorney in Claremont California

Our compassionate and knowledgeable lawyers have been providing the highest quality legal representation to clients in and around Claremont for 57 years. We will fight zealously on your behalf so you and your family can move forward.

Contact Claremont Defective Product Lawyers at the Law Offices of Herbert Hafif by completing our Personal Injury Case Evaluation Form. For immediate help and to schedule a free in office consultation, please call (909) 624-1671 today.

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