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La Verne Accident Attorneys | Personal Injury Lawyers

The La Verne Personal Injury Law Offices of Herbert Hafif have been devoted since 1956 to safeguarding the rights of our injured clients. Our experienced team of attorneys represent plaintiff litigants in La Verne and surrounding communities who are involved in complicated personal injury matters.

Our skilled Personal Injury Attorneys work diligently in order to consistently provide top legal representation. We strive to comprehend our clients’ needs so we are able to offer the best representation for their legal interests.

When you or a loved one has suffered an injury, contact La Verne Personal Injury Attorneys from the Law Office of Herbert Hafif at 909-624-1671 and schedule your appointment for your no-cost consultation with a top accident injury lawLa Verne Personal Injury Attorney Herbert Hafifyer. We take Personal Injury matters on a contingency fee. This means if we do not achieve a settlement or judgment for your case, you do not have to pay the lawyer’s fees.

A serious, catastrophic personal injury can be devastating, not only for the individual, but also for the family who provides financial and emotional support and care. The Personal Injury Attorneys at the Law Office of Herbert Hafif effectively employ vigorous strategies at trial so clients can obtain the highest compensation allowable by law. We have consistently provided aggressive representation for clients for almost 60 years. Our trusted firm has earned a national reputation of excellence, and we are prepared to fight and help our injured clients receive the justice they deserve.

La Verne Accident Lawyers – The Law Offices of Herbert Hafif

The La Verne Accident Attorneys from the Law Office of Herbert Hafif are experienced at representing clients who are involved in a wide variety of accident cases and personal injury matters. These include, but are not limited to the following:

Wrongful Death – The La Verne Law Firm of Herbert Hafif offers a caring and highly skilled representation for those loved ones who’ve experienced the loss of a family member due to the negligent or intentional acts of another person. Damages for Wrongful Death can include monetary compensation for medical bills, earnings lost, funeral expenses, and loss of companionship and love. Call 909-624-1671 to make your appointment for a free consultation to discuss your wrongful death case with a knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorney.

Catastrophic Injuries – When you or your loved one suffers a catastrophic injury, you need experienced legal counsel to pursue the monetary compensation that you will need for rehabilitative and medical care. These are life-changing injuries that include Severe Burns, Amputations, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Quadriplegia, Spinal Cord Injuries, and Paraplegia.

Premises Liability – Our skilled Accident Attorneys provide help for those who’ve suffered an injury on another’s property, either commercial or private, due to any dangerous condition that the property owner either was aware of or should have had knowledge of and then failed to warn others or correct the situation. Examples of Premises Liability matters include injuries from falling objects, slips and falls, broken sidewalks, uneven or slippery floors, and holes in the ground.

Commercial Transportation Accidents – The knowledgeable Accident Injury Lawyers at the Hafif Law Office provide skillful representation for clients hurt during public and commercial transportation incidents. These can include Amtrack/Metrolink Accidents, Airplane Crashes, Bus Accidents, Commercial Boating Accidents, Charter Bus or School Bus Collisions, Carpool/Commuter Van Accidents, and also Tour Bus Crashes.


Car/Auto Accidents – We vigorously represent clients in all types of motor vehicle accidents, including bicycle collisions, big rig crashes, car accidents, motorcycle crashes, hit and run accidents, and also pedestrian accidents.

Defective Products – Our experienced Product Liability Lawyers represent clients who have received injuries due to the use of a defective product. Businesses can be held accountable when their products cause injury. Product Liability claims include cases of defective product design, marketing defects where there is a failure to include proper instructions or warnings, defect in manufacturing, or defective design.

Medical Malpractice – If you have been injured by a medical professional, you need the skill and experience of our Personal Injury Attorneys. Medical Malpractice cases can include injuries from the birthing process, misdiagnosis, surgical errors, failure to take out foreign objects while in surgery, failure to diagnose, harmful drug interactions, administering improper medication or doses, failing to properly treat, and laboratory mistakes.

Industrial Accidents – We offer effective, zealous representation for those who’ve suffered work-related injuries due to industrial accidents, such as those from exposure to toxic chemicals or fumes, heavy equipment accidents, construction accidents, fire or chemical burns, electrocution, and violations of safety codes.

Employment Law – We serve our Personal Injury clients, while also offering representation to plaintiff employees who are embroiled in legal disputes against their employers. These cases often involve wrongful termination, overtime and wage disputes, and also whistleblower claims.

Call an Experienced Accident/Personal Injury Lawyer in La Verne for your Free Consultation

When you or your loved ones have experienced injury due to another’s neglect or an intentional act, you deserve to have the very best legal counsel on your team. Please fill out the Personal Injury Case Evaluation Form and the La Verne Law Office of Personal Injury Lawyer Herbert Hafif will email or call and arrange for your free, in-office consultation. You will meet with one of our compassionate, experienced accident injury attorneys.

For immediate assistance, call 909-624-1671 right away! We have been in the business of helping injured clients with all of their legal needs since 1956, and we want to use our experience to help you and your loved ones.